Decades of trust and quality in office supplies-Viking Direct

 Viking UK is one of the biggest suppliers of Office Stationery.  It is part of the Office Depot Group. Established more than 5 decades back in 1960, the company has made its presence in more than 16 countries.  With prompt, reliable and cost-effective services to the various offices-small, medium and large, Viking Direct has set up a record in selling office supplies.  The range of the products offered by the company is wide. It has got office furniture to warehouse supplies; from pen and stationery to printing materials. Whatever the company supplies to the office, it keeps a mark of quality on it. It always offers the products from the best brand names so that the clients never have to suffer for the inferior quality of the products. Viking Direct understands that it can have more business only if the customers are satisfied.   

Viking Direct has got an award-winning website where one can have a look at around 16,000 stationery and office products and services. Just think about hopping from one store to another in search of office supplies and looking at so many items. It could have never been possible but making the items available online, one can now conveniently look at the images of the items available, their prices and other features before making the final selection and placing the orders online.  When the clients are buying the office furniture supplies from the Viking store online, they are assured that they are going to get the best item at the most competitive price. This trust and reliability the company has built over the years of time with its prompt and outstanding services to the clients.

Now Viking UK has started offering the printing service to the clients. With these printing services, the company ensures that all the products, accessories and stationeries of the client’s offices will be coordinated.  The clients can have all the items of business promotion from Viking Direct. They can have business cards, cards, calendars, promotional materials and other items like labels, envelopes, invitations etc. Viking aims that the clients should concentrate on business aspects and its expansion and all the office supplies will be taken care of by the Viking Direct itself. The company can thrive only when the clients will thrive.  

When the orders are made in bulk, the clients get huge discounts and in some places in UK, the delivery is assured on the same day and in rest of the places the orders surely get delivered the next day.


Get All Necessities To Run Your Office Safe And Smoothly

Viking Direct Ireland is part of the Office Deport Group. This is one of the world’s largest office stationery suppliers. With a wide range of 15,000 products, the company has been serving the various offices- small scale or large scale for more than 50 years. Whether the clients are setting up a new office or if it is renovation of the old office space or just a large scale company stocking up the various office products for daily use, the Viking Company has the solution for all. The company pride itself on fast, reliable and quality services that are offered at competitive price. All the product offered are from the best brands.  

Viking Direct Ireland offers the best customer service to the clients. To serve the clients better, the company has designed a well structured website that is going to give the users the opportunity to serve better. The users can browse through the any of the products available and the service areas. The office supplies have the range of diaries, calendars and planners, desktops, and various other stationery items. The paper supplies offered by the company are the best in the market. Whether it is the paper requirement for the copier or the need for the envelopes, labels, books or photo paper, Viking has everything for all types of companies. 
Viking Direct has got more than 3,500 ink products in their store. It becomes very easy for the customers to shop for any type of ink and toner cartridges. One just has to enter the model number and the website will take the clients to the specific needs. There is enough opportunity for each one to search for the items by brand so the searching becomes easier for the customers. The company guarantees that the customer will get exactly what they need. 

Any company cannot work properly without the right kind of machines and technologies. Viking Ireland offers the customers to choose from a wide range of technologies that are modern and up to date. The customers can choose from some of the best brands in computers, printers, kitchen appliances and many other accessories. When orders in bulk are placed online, the users get discount so they gain either way. They get all types of office supplies at the competitive rate and also get huge discount on bulk orders. Viking is the name that is most trusted one in offering all necessitates needed to run a safe and efficient workplace.   

Get the complete solution for your office supplies

In an office, people have varieties of requirements. There is the need for paper, office accessories, furniture and other items.  Generally the items in any office are needed in huge numbers. Viking Office supplies is considered as one of the most popular office supplies. What has made this retailer the most trusted and reliable office supplier is the quality items of the best brands at the most affordable price. The retailer is appreciated by the customers for their world class customer service. When it comes to the business, every company promises that it will supply the best quality products at the most affordable price but in reality that is not happening.

 Gone are the days when has to visit shops in order to get the office paper supplies. Now it is the era of online marketing and purchasing. As Viking supplies allow the customers to send the orders online the customers can get them at very cheap price. The Viking office supply has its main focus on the medium sized firms.  This retailer gets the most of its business leads from direct mail so they do not advertise on television as compared to the competitors. This helps the firm to offer their services at the most affordable price.

 Viking Office Supplies do not believe in expanding their business at the cost of the customers. The firm believes that the quality customer service is the most important feature what helps the company to get more business in the long run.  Generally the larger firms have the tendency to sell the most expensive items to the customers even if they do not actually need them but what Viking Office supplies help the customers in the truest sense.  This firm recommends its customers all those items which will be the most beneficial for them and will not bother their pocket much.

 Office Paper supplies should be done timely otherwise it may bring trouble for the business firms. What the Viking Office Supplies is known for is the fastest shipping than all its competitors. As the orders get placed online, in most of the cases the order is delivered within 24 hours of placing the order though the delivery depends on the amount of the items ordered and also on the location of the delivery. The wide varieties of office items that Viking Company supplies has made it as one shop solution for all office needs.
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Viking Direct Shop: Everything You Need at the Price You Want

Viking Direct office supplies are all within your reach. No matter what you need office supplies for, running your business, doing your work, even just for making arts and crafts with your child, you can get all your needs met when you shop at Viking Direct Ireland. Apart from having a long list of products in their product line, you can also trust in their years of experience selling stationery and office supplies. You’ll surely be working with a professional that will give you the best kind of customer service at Viking Direct.

The Product Offering of Viking Direct Ireland

If it is your first time to shop from Viking Direct, you might not have a good grasp on the products that are in the Viking Direct shop. As you’ll soon realize, anything you need from cleaning and protecting the facilities of your office to storing and archiving important documents to writing and drawing materials can be found here. They also have an A to Z listing of their products so that you don’t have to go anywhere else for your office supplies needs. It’s not only just Viking Direct stationery you can find but also office furniture and electronics.

Good Deals and the Viking Direct Shop

Without a doubt, you’re looking for a store that’s going to give value for your money. As a savvy businessman, you want to get quality products for a cheap price and that’s just what you get with Viking Direct. Viking Direct office supplies can be yours for as low as £0.20 per pack. Maybe you’re looking for a way to keep your telephones spic and span. With the Nice day telephone wipes, you’ll only be spending £0.29 per pack. If you want a good deal on Foray recycled permanent marker for example, you’ll get it for less than £3 per pack from the Viking Direct store.

Viking Direct is the perfect combination where you can get all your Viking stationary supplies for a reasonable price. Now, you have all that you need to run your business. If you’re sending out handouts about a new product, you can be sure to print it on quality paper with quality ink. Even with the high quality of the products, the prices wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. It’s easy to earn a good income when your most basic needs for running an office are reasonably priced. Visit and get all of your needs in terms of office supplies met – without really feeling the pinch on your wallets.

The ABCs of Viking Office

Products abound at the Viking Direct shop. If you’re wondering what you can buy from this store, you’ll be surprised at the offering they have in their product list. Anything from computing and communicating to cleaning and protecting, you can find it here. You don’t really have to wonder why this store is such a popular place for businesses, corporations and companies (small and large).  You can take advantage of their offer no matter who you are. So if the time arises that you’ll be needing office supplies, why not get it from one place at Viking?

The Viking Direct ABC of Office Supplies

Viking-Direct is your one stop shop for office supplies. You can rely on them for more than Viking office products too. You might be looking to buy accident report books for your company. Together with this, you might want to buy some air fresheners for your office and also for use in your office rest rooms. It’s a good place to be at the Viking website because you can get these two products right from this company. If you’re shopping for box files for your office documents and you’re also looking to stock your building maintenance storage room with bulbs for emergencies, you can get these things from one store, Viking-Direct.

You might be looking for things like name badges from the Viking Direct Ireland website. Make use of the search tool on the website and you’ll get a good selection of name badges. You can also purchase notice boards for your conference room and for your office break room while you’re at it. It’s possible you never really considered vacuum cleaners as office supplies. Your office needs to be spic and span to do business right? Where can you get this?  Of course, from Viking-Direct!

You never really have to go any further in buying the things you need to ensure that the business processes in your office run smoothly. Viking Direct is more than Viking Direct stationery. If you need first aid kits for your company vehicle, toilet cleaners for your office bathrooms and even delectable wine to offer your corporate guests, you can get all these things from Viking Direct. The best thing about this is, you just order the things you need online and they’ll take care of delivering these to you. It’s easier to do business and run your company when office supplies are such a breeze to acquire. Start shopping at now!

Viking Direct Ireland: Where Shopping for Supplies is a Breeze

Shopping for supplies can be a breeze when you know where to shop. At the same time that you can get all of your needs for information answered when you look around online, you can shop for products online too. If you need stationery, printer ink, cleaning supplies and so on, you just have to get them from a supplies company like Viking Direct. Yes, they have everything from office supplies to janitorial supplies. Just go to their website and see what they have to offer you - experience shopping at its most convenient with Viking-Direct now.

What You See at the Viking Direct Website

When you’re at the Viking Direct Ireland website, you’ll see a comprehensive page full of tabs, buttons and choices that will cater to your needs. You can click on the tab to browse products to get a full grasp of what Viking offers you and you can also look at the special offers they have on the main page. You might not be looking for anything in particular but mainly, you want to ensure that you have everything you need in your office. You might need batteries and with Viking, you can get two and you get one free.

You can shop for special offers where you can get great savings from your purchase of office supplies and furniture. If you’re looking to buy paper, you can get the Viking big box offer of white A4 80gsm paper. This will have a price that’s easily doable for you and you can even get freebies like a sandwich maker when you buy archive boxes. Just add all the items you need to your shopping trolley. It’s just a matter of time that you’ll have everything that you need so that you can run your business smoothly.

The Beauty of Shopping Online

Basically, when you shop online, particularly with Viking Ireland, you’ll get convenience. All the things you need are going to be offered to you at the website. Just click on the items you want to buy and put them in your shopping trolley. You can make a list of the things you need and save it on the Viking site and you can also quick order your favorites and the things you need that are also most ordered. Shopping for supplies doesn’t have to be a tedious task. You can make it easy with Viking Direct.  Shop now at!

Ways to finding the perfect office suppliers for your business

Finding the best office stationary supplier in between the numerous suppliers is really a very difficult job. It is not easy to select the one stationary service provider for your business which fulfills your whole requirement of office stationary according to you wish. Therefore for this task any one can easily ready to pay high to office Supplies manager.

One can also follow some tips for selecting the most suitable office supplies from many. You can select different supplier for each item, you can choose the supplier on monthly basis i.e. one supplier for one month or you can also choose the supplier on the basis of cost. These are some tips that give you a view of services of the different supplier and also help you the selecting the one of them.

In Ireland, this is not a big problem as there are only few big stationary suppliers and out them the Viking Direct Ireland services is the most trustworthy name. Quality and cheap services are the two main specialties of the best office suppliers and the Viking Ireland services fulfill these requirements effectively.

Durability, standard quality and every brand products is some more facilities of Viking direct Ireland. With Viking Direct services you will never have worries about the quality or about the supply of stationary.  It will always provide you stationary according to your demand. You just need to look after your office stationary account.

Also, Daily special offers, storing of billing and delivery information, plus any additional information are some more unique facilities of having an account with Viking Direct Ireland. With Viking direct you have not to search for a cheap office stationary, now you have the best office stationary in your budget.

So, selecting of best office stationary suppliers is not the job. The main job is before selecting, testing the services of the suppliers in which Viking Direct Services definitely gets high points. Viking Direct Ireland services are not only suitable but also perfect for any kind of office stationary services. For getting the Viking Direct Ireland Online Service, Just log on to